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Default Re: Perry Jones is a better nba prospect than Sullinger

I personally would take Jones ahead of him because if I'm picking that high I want the potential. He could be a real difference maker, but the reality is that the league is filled with tall athletes with guard skill sets that have flamed out, and I completely agree that Sullinger is more of a sure thing. If I were picking 8-12 in this draft, I'd love to have Sullinger land at me, because I feel like I know exactly what I'm getting. He's going to be able to score with his back to the basket, at least in a reserve role, and he's going to pass well out of the post, and he's gonna rebound. Sure I'd love him to be a better defender at the rim, but you're not getting a 5 star prospect out of everyone.
At worst Sullinger puts together a Chris Gatling kind of career where he comes off of someone's bench and draws double teams for a second team.
Jones may give you a genuine mismatch nightmare guy, but Andrey Blatch is not an impossibility either.
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