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Default Re: OT: Snoop Dogg Says "F Bill O'Reilly", O'Reilly Replies To Snoop

Originally Posted by ForceOfNature
Actually Snoop is 6'4" and around 200 lbs. Plus while O'Reilly's 200 pounds consists of a lot of fat, Snoop is mostly muscle. So you can see who would win in a fight.

lol. First off, i really like Snoop. Always have, but come on be real. There is not a chance in hell he'd be kickin O'reily's ass. O'reily is 6'4 as well. He's a big dood. Snoop rocks the lyrics. But he definately doesn't rock the fists. The only chance snoop would have would be pulling out a gun.

People are just letting there political stance dictate who'd beat who. Snoop is way to skinny to do anything. I always wondered why never tried to bulk up. He's embarrassingly skinny.

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