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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

Originally Posted by Kappy
I wasn't thrilled with getting Brown whatsoever. But, really, I think we need to give the guy a chance. Think about everything that has happened to the Lakers this season:

1. New coach(es).
2. New system.
3. Condensed schedule.
4. The sixth man of the year, Lamar Odom ... Gone.
5. Rumors of trades that are seriously messing with Pau's mind (and play).
6. A bunch of new scrubs on the bench.

Seriously, I think we need to give Brown a break.

Coaches change locations all the time and don't flounder so badly if they are a good coach, don't piss off every member of the team, don't run the worst offense in the history of a the point that the players have decided to do their own thing, do appear to be so indecisive and unprepared as Brown has been. I don't know if you guys caught this in the times but Brown showed up one day wearing a GREEN sweater vest, when everyone said WTF, take that sh!t off, he said he didn't know the rivalry with the Celtics was that big of a deal???? He's old enough to know the history and even non Lakers basketball fans saw the history stuff watching the finals.....the networks really played it up....but Brown doesn't get it.
He seems clueless to everything around him......I could go on and on with things he didn't know but should've. He was a crap coach in Cleveland but having Lebron and being in the weak east covered it up until the playoffs.
Dude should NEVER be the head coach of anyone.

Condensed schedule......this is valid.

Loss of Odom........valid

Pau's mind was gone last season in the playoffs and hasn't been back....valid

Scrubs on the bench....meh....If he ever was consistent about rotations and playing time I feel these guys would feel better, be able to get into a flow and produce more. Goudelock a couple weeks ago hit back to back 3's shortly after coming into the game and was immediately benched having played only 4 minutes.....Fish and Blake were playing like crap and still he sat for a long time over 1 1/2 quarters then brought in cold and missed. Giving a hot shooter 4 minutes He has alienated all those guys.

No chance needed.....he can't coach.
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