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Default Re: KU will choke again early in March Madness this year...

Originally Posted by Goliath Uterus
Yes, he is. Best coach in the nation actually. 8 straight regular season titles, 144-7 at home (best in NCAA btw), Over the last five seasons Self's KU teams won 165 games, an average of 33.0 wins a year for the best 5 year record of any Men's Basketball coach in Division 1 history, he's one of the best recruiters in the game as well.... And only at Kansas could 3 Elite 8's, a Sweet 16, and a natl. championship be considered a "failure".

Not even at Kansas. Just in the childlike mindset of the OP...and whatever blog post he read that said Kansas "chokes".

It's only the truly clueless that think there's any difference between the Big 6 conferences and the best of all the rest when it comes to the tournament. He's blasting them for losing to a team that went to the Final Four.

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