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Default Re: Official 2012 NFL Free Agency Thread

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
So the Eagles are the only team in the NFL allowed to sign a bunch of players in one offseason like they did last year? I don't think so. Bucs have the 2nd most cap space (last time I saw). They have enough room to sign several FAs.

But with that said, I won't believe ANY of this until I actually see them in red and pewter uniforms Tis the life of a Bucs fan in free agency.

Bucs also close to signing David Carr as backup. SUPER BOWL BABY!!!!!!!!! lol

We didnt sign Vjax, Lofton, Nicks

We signed 1 bigtime FA, 1 mid level FA and the rest 1yr deals. Not even comparable to what TB is doing. But TB has to spend money so we'll see. Good luck.
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