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Default Re: Deal close-Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson for Monta Ellis,Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown

If I'm Milwaukee I'd rather have Curry and if I'm Golden State I'd rather have Monta.

If you have Klay Thompson...He's either a SG who will play SF on a running team, or he's a big SG...and he can actually play defense (wow Golden State).

If you have have a SG who can play some point (a little like Ray Allen), but first and foremost an all-time shooter...why do I want him and Klay together?

If I'm Milwaukee I want Curry because his contract is smaller and I have Brandon Jennings (at least for now). Jennings is a PG with a SG's mentality. Monta is a SG who loves to dominate the ball and plays a similar style. Curry is a SG who has played only as a PG in the NBA...but he's a willing passer, plays within the offense. And he's a terrific shooter. He's a much better partner for Jennings than Monta Ellis. And again, he's on his rookie contract and if I'm Milwaukee, then I suck...and I wanna get rid of salary.
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