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Default Re: Lakers are turning against Mike Brown

"Coaches change locations all the time and don't flounder so badly"

Delusional fanboy
Really you're an idiot.

3rd in the West
2 games up in the Pacific Division
Best Home record in the NBA


He replaced Phil Jackson, there is not one coach in the league save Pops that can replace an Icon like Jackson,

No win situation with the fans, with the players with the media. Then not only is he replacing maybe the best coach in the history of the game, he gets a roster that is 50% new to the team 2 of which are rookies and he gets 9 days of training camp to whip them into shape before the first game of the season.

Lets top it off and have them open the season with B2B2B and 10 games in the first 13 days.

Yet here they are in a rock solid playoff spot, 7-7 in their last 14 games on the road after going 1-7 in their first 8 and a 18-2 home record and still delusional fanboy thinks Browns floundering as a head coach.

It was NEVER going to be easy

Welcome to ignore
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