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Default Re: Bucks/Warriors trade: Monta Ellis, Udoh, Kwame for Bogut, S-Jax

I think its terrific for both teams. Warriors are forming into a well-rounded ball club under Mark Jackson, and Curry is clearly the team's building block going forward, not Ellis. A frontline of Lee/Bogut is pretty scary if you ask me, and Capt Jack is still a productive player, esp considering he had his best years in Goldenstate.

Curry/Sjax/Wright/Lee/Bogut is easily an above average starting 5 when healthy

Bucks have struggled with scoring, and although a Jennings/Ellis backcourt raises eyebrows being undersized and high-usage, i think it'll work out alright for the short-term. Ellis has a very manageable contract for a guy that puts up those numbers, and if they do trade Jennings, he's a good guy to fall back on. Udoh is a nice project to work on, and totally a Scott Skiles kind of player. Kwame will be a good fill-in for the season and is coming off the books anyway.

with a bench of

will make the playoffs
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