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Default Re: Bucks/Warriors trade: Monta Ellis, Udoh, Kwame for Bogut, S-Jax

I really believe Golden State should have asked for Brandon Jennings as well. Add another salary like Udrih and there you go.

Milwaukee will not go anywhere unless they trade Jennings. That's a bad combination.

I think both teams should have done more with this trade. And I think both teams are showing that their GM's lack heavy ambition. Tho this can be a great trade for the Warriors. They could actually be getting somewhere. The Bucks have to do more work.

And Monta Ellis has actually shot over 50% from the field before. He shot 53.1%, which is a staggering number for a guard...but a small, "chucking" guard? That's the MJ territory. He averaged 19.2PPG and that team, while missing the playoffs, won 48 games in the deepest Western Conference season ever.

He had Baron Davis...Davis is pretty stupid, because he wants to be, but he is a true PG and when he's good he's real good. Monta Ellis is a 2guard. You play him with a high end and high energy PG you'll see a beast. Him and Curry are kinda stupid together. They're both SG's and Curry doesn't command anything. But I do think they should have asked for Jennings back and taken another contract. The Bucks need more work than this, so they may as well have gotten off to a fast start and unloaded as much as they could. And there's no reason they shouldn't have asked for Jeremy Evans (unless Skiles would waste him, so I guess). Maybe even the Warriors should have sent Lee, not taken a contract, and asked for Jennings back.

Either way, they should have gotten Jennigns, I feel...and the Bucks really should have sent him away. At times, Livingston looks good again. He's smart, clever, tall, and a potentially solid PG to have next to Monta. At least to ride out the year. They won't make the playoffs, period.
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