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Default Re: Sources: Knicks tuning out coach

After a polished display against the New Jersey Nets in which Melo found open teammates all night after being double-teamed he finished with a rounded stat line of 39 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. D'Antoni says the offense should run through the newly aquired Knick and that he should be making the right play from there, be it with scoring or finding shots for teammates.

"Yeah, I thought he got after it and rebounded well," D'Antoni said Wednesday. "He should nightly be getting close to a triple double. The ball should be going through him a lot, and he should be knocking on that door."

Melo is primarily thought of as a scorer and only has one triple-double for his career, ironically against a Mike D'Antoni coached Phoenix team in 2007.
So yes it's Melo that isn't buying D'Antoni system, it's wasn't D'Antoni that tried to make him something that he was not, and in the process destroyed his confidence on doing what he do best, scoring. Clearly this start of the season, he was holding the ball because he wanted, not because he was told to.

Yes how can someone believe that Melo begged D'Antoni to play Lin.

One thing is passing when being double teamed, other is running the offense, D'Antoni didn't get that.
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