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Default Re: Mike D Antoni FIRED!!

He deserved it. I don't remove the fault from the players (far from it) but he proved to be completely unflexible. Early in the year, when we had injuries and no PG, we tried to run. When he needed to make the rotation smaller, he removed Shumbert, our best defender from it and not Smith, because Smith could score better. When we'd fall behind, he'd put in the offensive unit to try to make things better.

And contrary to reports, iv'e heard him and Melo and everyone are buddy buddy, to the point he doesn't criticize them even when it's obvious they are not producing.

It's not a happy day, it's a good decision, but a decision made necessary by some culture problems that need to be addressed and won't be addressed till year end.

I can't wait till Stan Van Gundy tells Orlando to release him so he can be our coach.
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