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Default Re: Mike D Antoni resigns as Head coach of the Knicks!

Originally Posted by BrooklynZoo
are u fuckin kidding me, do u know why dantonis offense is a run-and-gun offense? because they run and gun, not because they hold the ball and kill ball movement. going through him does not mean going to him and having him hold the ball and shoot it
I'm sorry you're a idiot, Knicks haven't run and gun all year. If you think Melo was running the offense ad holding the ball because he felt like it, and not because it was D'Antoni gameplan, even after, D'Antoni said it himself publicly, like in the link i gave, your dumb as nails and you're the poster boy for the Melo-haters mob...

I'm still waiting for an half-decent, half-intelligent anti-melo argument.
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