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Default Re: Mike D Antoni resigns as Head coach of the Knicks!

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
the only time we truly saw MDA's offensive system run efficiently was in fact, when melo was out and they went on a winning streak. pick n rolls, rub screens, down screens, ball movement, cuts, spacing, shooters spotting up, etc
Sure, You're confusing reality with some dream you had...

When Melo was out, the only thing that happened was Lin charging into the paint recklessly, 8 turnovers a game, and scoring or kicking the ball out, there was NO BALL MOVEMENT or all that crap you said, there was only on guy running around...


Kwame Brown is quoted saying that the Suns "are not a fundamental team. They just go out and they just run a bunch of screen-and-rolls and have such good shooters."
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