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Originally Posted by franchize
I'd sooner stop watching football.
First of all om 45 so when i was a lil lad on my pops knee ive seen a championship, and i classify myself as a diehard fan. But u got to look at the fact yhat people are tired of hell of watchin a losing team, no matter who we get. This team has more talent than the spreewell, houston, camby team and that team went to the finals, The f'n FINALS!!!!!! A game 7 at that. Lebron took a alright team to the finals wit the cavs, just two years ago the cavs were mammals, cuz of one man. We have three so called superstars that are getting 20 mil a year, and cant ball their way out of a paper bag. Im sorry chize but something gotta give. Now i rather get rid of amare but no one wants him, but melo gotta start being a leader. Oh and now i no why people think ur crazy, ur a jet fan. Man that will always be GIANTS STADIUM.
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