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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony did everything Dantoni asked and isn't an iso player/ball stopper

Originally Posted by franchize
Im not even going to look. Lemme guess, its that lucky ass shot Gallo hit last night? You do realize that if ZaZa Pachulia could make a wide open layup, that game would be a loss for Denver.

Up until Gallo got hurt the Nuggets were a top 4 seeded team in the west. Once he went down they dropped out of the top 8 seeds. Since he's come back however, they've jumped back up to 6th.

Up until Melo got hurt we were a few games under .500 and playing terrible basketball. During Melo being out, Linsanity happened, and we climbed all the way back up to .500. Melo comes back and were back under .500 and currently in 9th in the east.

Now I know you might think I'm trying to make a case that Gallo is better. I'm not, because he's not better then Carmelo Anthony. What that actually tells us is just how terrible of a coach Mike D'Antoni was.

George Karl had Danilo Gallinari and his Nuggets playing winning basketball because everyone on that team buys in to Karl and what he's trying to do there. They're success is on Karl.

Mike D'Antoni had no clue what he was doing with this team. They didn't want his system and he didn't seem like he was open to suggestions. Our team was a mess and we lost.

The reason the Nuggets lost with Gallo out is because he was an important feature in Karl's system. The reason we won with Melo out is because the players who were playing, had bought in to the system with Lin involved and were playing well. Melo came back and wasn't with the system.
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