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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony did everything Dantoni asked and isn't an iso player/ball stopper

Originally Posted by franchize
Lol you can't be serious. that was as non-athletic play I've seen since Artest missed that layup last year. No NBA player should have missed that layup and ZaZa had NO intention on dunking that ball.
You're just hating. Zaza tried to bring the ball under Gallo for a layup instead of a straight away dunk or lay in. I'm not saying Zaza isn't shit or that Gallo is Dwight Howard. But if he hadn't stepped over, it would have been a much easier shot.

NeNe was hurt too. Just saying. Look, I think ppl think i have something against Gallo. I definitely dont. He played his but off and gave it all he had. I dont knock him. I moreso have a problem with the fans that overrated him.
Come one man. You're franchize! At least own it.

I also have a problem with once sided stats to prove points. The Nuggets record is better with Melo? Really? Well last time I checked they one 1 game in the playoffs without Melo and they went to the conference finals with him. I'm just saying, as with the whole "who's fault is it" argument...tell the whole story.
Actually Billups was the one leading that Conference Finals team. Billups is the Getting-to-the-Conference-Finals Master. With Melo their just first round fodder.
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