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Default Re: Help on Layups/Floaters high off the glass...

Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth
Honestly, everyone has their different style of floater / Layup, so I wouldn't be able to tell you without seeing you play. I do high arcing Nash-Style layups, and almost never get blocked (I played College Basketball). Other people do the little Chris Paul style overhand floater when they get into the lane, that's also very effective.

If you're a Point Guard, honestly, the best move is the Hesitation move. I've abused so many people with this move in my many years of playing basketball. If you get it to the point where you can be running full speed with the ball, keep the ball in your hand, hesitation, read the defender... If he backs up on his heels you do the Hesitation into Jump-Shot (Extremely important for a PG). If he stays put, you do the Hesitation and just go hard the same way to the basket, and there's no way he will be able to stay with you. Just watch Steve Nash bring the ball up, he uses this hesitation move probably 70-80% of the time when he's about to do something. =D
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