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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony did everything Dantoni asked and isn't an iso player/ball stopper

It's basically already been confirmed. My respect for this team is plummeting rapidly, although by most accounts Carmelo was the ringleader. STAT was trying to get everyone to buy into the system, but Melo's moping about just sucked all the energy off the court. And then they go out against the Blazers and basically do all the stuff D'antoni wanted them to do, resulting a blowout win. It's shameful, but the star friendly culture of the NBA entitles these guys to that end.

We'll see how they play though. Teams always do this after an abrupt coaching change. We've already seen it this year with the Wizards and the Kings. Players play hard because they know that the excuse of, "It was all the coaches fault" is out the window. Those two have already come back down to Earth - ultimately they are who we thought they were.

We also saw it with the Pacers last year, but they were able to sustain it because their coach turned out to be better. Unfortunately we already know Mike Woodson is crap, which is why it took everyone an grand total of 14 seconds to start to look ahead to Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan.

BTW, they shot 40 three pointers tonight. Sarcastic, where you at?

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