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Default Is what we need, been a bench warmer the entire time?

So Lucas had another monster game, but there is something I've been saying for a while. He's probably the best offensive creator on the Bulls after Rose, his facilitating and PG skills suck, but the boy can drop buckets. This game was not the first to show his ability to score easily, every time he's played, he provides quick buckets, even when the rest of the bench is ice cold.

I say on the General forum all the time that if Lucas was taller, he would be the PERFECT SG for our team in the fact that if you give him the ball he can make the shot.

So here's a honest question, should we explore what we already have, and allow Lucas to perform in the backcourt more? If both Rose and Lucas are in that back court, that's 2 legit scorers the Heat have to watch out for, and makes their job harder...Lets also remember in that street game with durant over the summer, he scored 50 points.

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