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Originally Posted by Rowe

Dude, thats ****ing pathetic.

You barely even posted in this section up until now, but you decide to come back to be a prick and troll other members who have different opinions.

For the record I liked David Lee, but for the money he was looking for and eventually paid, I'd rather have signed an All Star talent like Amare considering hes only a few months older.

For the record I liked Gallo, but for the money he eventually was going to be paid, I didn't think he was good enough to ever be the Face of the Franchise the way some people felt and hoped he'd become.

Just because people were fine with them leaving doesn't make them "racist".
I loved David Lee. He was like Oakley with skills. I just refuse to pay all that money for a guy who is just ok on defense and limited on offense. I do recall saying that I would trade Amare and Lin for Lee and Curry if GS would do it.
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