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Default Re: Trade Deadline Rumor: Stephen Jackson for Richard Jefferson?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
If Spurs trade Jefferson then they have no one to amnesty next season. Jackson will be better at San Antonio, but he's not worth being a starter. Off the bench for Leonard...but over $9Million...they won't be able to amnesty him so he'll be on the team one year, which could just be a waste of money.

If they amnesty Jefferson, they still have to pay him his money. So this trade saves SA money.

Excellent trade for the Spurs. Stephen Jackson is a gamble, but if he is motivated he can defend a lot better than Jefferson, he can make plays and he can spot up. He can bring the same type of versatility Ginobili brings. If he plays as well as he can play, he greatly increases the ability of this team.

And even if Jackson decides to keep on sucking and acting out, it's not like players such as Duncan/Parker/Ginobili are going to put up with Jackson's bullshit and let it become a distraction.
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