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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: GS trade SJax To Spurs for Richard Jefferson + 1st

This trade is so good for SA on so many levels. Even though they have to give up a late first-rounder (we know what the spurs can do with these), the window for a championship has been closed for about 3 or 4 years. Why not give one final push for a Duncan era chip and hope for that window to crack? Especially with Parker playing so well this season.

Even though RJ did better this year, he still was only a spot-up shooter who couldn't create much on his own (aka Vince Carter-lite). My only concern w/ cap Jack is if he can get into game shape quick enough for the playoffs. People forget, in the playoff run w/ him and Turk, Jack was the go-to guy for clutch shots in many games. Spurs are desperate to have this again. Well done Spurs, well done
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