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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony did everything Dantoni asked and isn't an iso player/ball stopper

Originally Posted by Bano114
Soooo what then? Stick with Woodson? Go after a successful college coach like Calipari or Coach K? Bring in an assistant coach from a successful team like the Bulls did with Thibidou?

All of those moves would be question marks. With Phil Jackson, we'd be getting a sure thing, in my opinion. Jerry Sloan is a good coach as well but there are some question marks as to whether his system is up to date or not...

I dont think we're getting a sure thing at all with Phil or Sloan. We've gone down that route numerous times. Get the big name HOF coach and pay him big bucks. What always happens is that they come in, clach with the players, then they say " I've won my ring already...F this".

I don't want Calipari. We've seen him coach in the NBA before. I dont even like him all that much as a college coach. He's an excellent recruiter but on the court he's far too volatile and intense.He reminds me of what Shaq used to call Stan Van Gundy. Master of Panic. Rick Pitino is the same way. Coach K isn't leaving Duke, where he's adored, to coach in NY, where he'll be booed the 1st time he loses a game. If the Lakers couldnt get him, I doubt we can.

I'd go the hungry assistant route. While I wasnt a huge Van Gundy fan, he did have success. What fans fail to realize is, sometimes players and coaches blow up because of the coach's ego!
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