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Default Thoughts on 2012 Trade Deadline Moves and McMillan Firing

I am so very happy right now. I have been ready to move on from McMillan for a while, but firing him isn't an addition by subtraction, so we still need to solidify a good coach for next season (Caleb Canales is the interim coach).

But the part I am really happy about is that we got the Nets 1st pick, which could end up being a huge piece in a rebuild. Unless the Nets get the top 3 pick, we are looking at two lottery picks in a good draft. Another thing that makes me happy, is that we didn't have to take back multi-year contracts to get it. We will still have a bunch of cap room just as if we made no trades (maybe more so considering G-Wallace could have opted in), yet added a lottery pick

I have a couple questions other may be able to answer.
First, if the Nets land a top 3 pick in the draft, what becomes of the pick for Portland. I assume it becomes a 2013 pick instead, but what would the protection be on it?
Second, does anybody have details on the Rockets 2nd round pick that we get? I read future pick, so I'm thinking it is not 2012. Is it Houston's 2013 2nd round pick?
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