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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: 3 way deal between Clips, Wizards, and Nuggets

Originally Posted by niko
and then you turn around and take all that flexibility and use it within a few hours to lock up Wilson Chandler to another big money long term deal.

Did they? I havent kept up on todays transactions much.

Originally Posted by LJJ
Solid trade for the Nuggets, I don't get the hate?

Nene's contract is awful and he's not that much of a difference maker. Giving him away for nothing would have been a solid deal, now they even get a little something something in the deal.

So you give Nene the contract in the offseason and not even a full season goes by trades him because the contract is awful? And in return you get an awfully dumb player in McGee who is going to command Nene money if not more this offseason?

You dont get the hate tho right? Ok. Carry on.
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