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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: 3 way deal between Clips, Wizards, and Nuggets

Originally Posted by GOBB
Did they? I havent kept up on todays transactions much.

So you give Nene the contract in the offseason and not even a full season goes by trades him because the contract is awful? And in return you get an awfully dumb player in McGee who is going to command Nene money if not more this offseason?

You dont get the hate tho right? Ok. Carry on.

First off. Wilson Chandler is like what, 23\24? Nene is close to 30. Deal was bad from the start, same with the AA one. I honestly think the FO expected Nene to come alive after the contract. He's filled with talent, could be much better than he actually is. Just so content with being the average player tho. It's been health issues again this year. Denver stuck by him with the cancer, every other injury issue and there's been quite a few.

Think they just seen the calf sprain, the lackluster play and were like shit we made a mistake.

Isn't the Chandler deal like 30 mill or something over 5 years? Pretty sure it's a reasonable deal.
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