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Default Re: Portland Fires Coach Nate McMillan

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I always liked him in Seattle

Honestly, I didn't watch the Sonics under a microscope as I do the Blazers, so I don't know if the same issues (inability to make play calls in crucial moments) applied in Seattle. All I know is that in Portland, McMillan got enough out of his players in the regular season to make the team's record look good, but he could never produce when it counted (it wasn't simply the fact that he lost either, it was how the Blazers lost every year in the playoffs).

Ironically, I do think McMillan is good for a rebuilding team. He did a lot for Portland in his first couple seasons when they were trying to separate themselves from the Jail Blazers persona. However, too many Portland players tuned McMillan out, so even though they are rebuilding now, I don't think he was ever getting their attention again.

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