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Default Re: Bucks/Warriors trade: Monta Ellis, Udoh, Kwame for Bogut, S-Jax

Originally Posted by Cali Syndicate
Hells to the naw. I wouldn't. Warriors needs a player like Lee, who can score in the post and grab rebounds, much more than a player like Iggy. He's a good perimeter defender and play maker, which would help, but Lee is more invaluable to the team.

Also Curry is a pretty good point guard. Has good IQ, good ball handler, good passer, good court vision....with Monta gone, Curry can run the offense more. He can easily be a 20/8 player. Anyways playing him at the 2 can't work. He's undersized plus if he did who plays point? Nate? Yeah reverting to the undersized back court problem they had before the trade but smaller isn't progress.

And Klay is also a pretty good ball handler, a decent slasher and on occasion, he has shown he has the ability to play make. But that's not really his forte and playing to your strengths will bring the best results which is why he plays more off the ball. But he can put it on the ground if he needs to.

Curry/Thompson back court can and will work. Warriors just need to focus on Curry and Bogut's recovery.

It works if you're built thru the post and specifically thru Bogut's post passing.

I don't would be nice if you were able to get a playmaker.

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