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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: Blazers trade center Marcus Camby to Houston Rockets

Originally Posted by Myth
Just so you know, Camby has sucked this year. Maybe it is just motivation, which can change, but if he is truly going downhill due to age, he will grab a few boards, have the random impressive block, and the rest of the time he will be a matador on defense and worthless on offense. I was happy to see him gone. I really appreciated his time on the Blazers, but this year was a huge step down. But then again, the Rockets didn't give up much for him and he expires if it doesn't work out.
Well It seems the whole blazers squad has sucked this season.Losing and lack of motivation is not an easy combination to correct.The Rockets want him to give a solid 15 to 18 minutes a night and nothing spectacular. He is more then capeable of that.
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