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Default Re: Thoughts on 2012 Trade Deadline Moves and McMillan Firing

Originally Posted by Myth
I am so very happy right now. I have been ready to move on from McMillan for a while, but firing him isn't an addition by subtraction, so we still need to solidify a good coach for next season (Caleb Canales is the interim coach).

Things went way different than expected. I figured we'd stick with Nate and get rid of Felton/Crawford. I'm gratefull for what Nate has meant for the team over the years, but I'm glad that he got fired.
He wasn't very flexible as a coach and eventhough we played at a higher pace this season, it was still very much Nate's significant offense.. eventhough we had a roster that might have been better fit for another style of play. Nate doesn't utilize players as well as he could and it was more evident than ever this season. I hope we can attract a good veteran coach, like Sloan. Is Larry Brown still coaching? Not the greatest offensive coach, but still would be a good fit for team play and defense.

But the part I am really happy about is that we got the Nets 1st pick, which could end up being a huge piece in a rebuild. Unless the Nets get the top 3 pick, we are looking at two lottery picks in a good draft. Another thing that makes me happy, is that we didn't have to take back multi-year contracts to get it. We will still have a bunch of cap room just as if we made no trades (maybe more so considering G-Wallace could have opted in), yet added a lottery pick

I have a couple questions other may be able to answer.
First, if the Nets land a top 3 pick in the draft, what becomes of the pick for Portland. I assume it becomes a 2013 pick instead, but what would the protection be on it?
Second, does anybody have details on the Rockets 2nd round pick that we get? I read future pick, so I'm thinking it is not 2012. Is it Houston's 2013 2nd round pick?

So that's what I wonder as well.. This would mean that the Nets can not trade that pick under any circumstances, up untill after 2012 draft? I googled around a bit (not that much), but couldnt find anything. Would be just our luck

Regarding the Camby trade, it's the 2012 2nd round pick (see NBA transaction page). We just acquired the 2009 2nd and 6th overall picks Seriously, Flynn is somewhat decent. Hope he produces. As for, Thabeet, he could give us some nice minutes at Center. He needs good coaching though. He has decent instincts, in term of reactions (shotblocking, timing), however, his positioning is just horrible, both on offense and defense. He looked lost for the Grizz (havent really focussed on him since he'd been traded to the rockets..). Both guys could possibly be part of our future, as a backup G and C. I'm not even kidding.
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