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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: Derek Fisher and a first to Houston for Jordan Hill

Originally Posted by pegasus
They are not the same players anymore. Hill+Sessions+improved Bynum >>>>> Old Fisher+Drama Odom.

I think they are number 2 in the west, and # 4 in the entire league behind OKC, Chicago, and Miami. Not too bad for a franchise whose future was almost completely destroyed by Stern only three months ago.
theey are piece of sh*t that's what they are. they are not contending in the playoffs anyhow. the only one with heart and passion on that team is kobe...too bad the media overhypes them and gives them hope. i'll take spurs and oklahoma over lakers. they will never make it out of the west, even by the off chance that they do, they will get murdered by chicago or miami
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