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Default Re: Bucks/Warriors trade: Monta Ellis, Udoh, Kwame for Bogut, S-Jax

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
No I get what you're saying, but i wouldn't. Curry can't play the 2, he is too small. Iggy is good, but the Warriors need size at the 4 and 5. The best thing the warriors can do is wait for next year and try to pick a good draft at the 3. For now, they have a lot of depth at the 3. Wright, Jefferson, and Mguire. They can trade one of those plus drafts for a 3 if needed. This Lee and Bogut combo is very good. The warriors haven't had that in decades, so lets not break that up.

Fair enough...Bogut will help cover Lee's defensive weaknesses...tho Lee's lack of defensive ability is more in the post and 1v1. He's a good team defender and he's a hustle guy. But he was a Knick and I loved him as a Knick because he was blue collar and was all hustle. I wanna see more of that kind of hustle. That's why I liked him. He needs to be tougher.
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