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Default Phil Jackson Interested in coaching the Knicks

Knicks Rumors: Phil Jackson Reportedly Interested in Return to Coaching

The New York Knicks’ head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned on Wednesday, and now it appears that former Chicago Bulls’ and Los Angeles Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson might be interested in the job.

It has been reported that sources close to Jackson have stated that he is fascinated with the Knicks and how they could potentially fit his offensive system. Apparently, he also likes Jeremy Lin as a player and “had his eye on him since last season.”This is a very exciting development for Knicks’ fans for obvious reasons. Jackson has so many championship rings that he can’t even wear them all at once.

Jackson was immediately the first name to pop up after it was official that D’Antoni had given up the job. In fact, I remember hearing his name up for that job as soon as he left the Lakers, nearly a year before D’Antoni’s departure.

It appears to be a match made in heaven. The Knicks have talent in the post with Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire. They also have solid three-point shooters in J.R. Smith, Steve Novak and Jeremy Lin. Carmelo Anthony is the top-notch isolation player that Jackson has had at his other stops too in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

All of those positions are key in Jackson’s triangle offense, which is predicated on getting open shots by forming a triangle shape on one side of the court, maximizing scoring options.

The Knicks appear to have all the pieces for that type of offense to work and really just need a coach like Jackson to fit them all together into a winning puzzle.

According to a report from CBS Sports back in January, Jackson is on the record as saying that coaching the Knicks would be special for him, not only because of the talent they have but also because of the time he spent there as a player. He won two titles there as a player in 1970 and 1973.

To come back to New York as a coach and help win the franchise its first title since he played there would be the perfect storybook ending to an already extravagant career.

It should be remembered that Jackson is 66 years old and won’t be getting any younger. He’s living up in Montana right now, and as someone who has been up there I can tell you that it is beautiful, quiet country up there. There’s also big difference between there and New York City.

Jackson will have to decide what he wants personally, and whether or not coming back to coaching is worth his time. He’s earned his retirement, that’s for sure.

Knick fans, start praying the he does come, because the addition of Jackson as coach is a bigger acquisition than any player you could possibly get. He makes you a favorite in the East and an equal to Miami and Chicago.

He’s the big fish, and it’s time for your owner, James Dolan, to start casting his net.
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