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Default James Harden plays "old man" basketball

The Oklahoman reports:

With Harden, his style has been described as an “old man's game.”
“When they talk about an old man's game, that's fundamental basketball,” said Sean Elliott. “But it's also having savvy. You have a lot of young players today that are super athletic and that's what they rely on. They don't necessarily rely on their instincts or their savvy.”'
Ginobili, meanwhile, has been labeled more unorthodox.
“Obviously, they have very natural talent,” Brooks said. “But they work on it every day. You can tell. The way they play, the way they attack the rim, you don't just wake up one morning and have that. It's a skill that has been worked on.”
Ginobili, who has battled injuries this season, has been a problem for the Thunder. Like Harden, Brooks said, Ginobili's versatility causes him to be a primary focus on the scouting report.
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