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Default Re: 2012 Trade Deadline Deal: Blazers trade center Marcus Camby to Houston Rockets

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
Both teams lose this trade. Houston thinks they are getting a good player but they aren't. Camby doesn't play defense anymore. He just swipes at the ball (usually misses) and gives up easy lay ups. Then he takes these terrible jump shots or out of control lay ups like some scrub that is tired of never getting the ball.

Portland got bad players back, but at least we cut salary. I bet Camby tries for about 5 games then starts half assing. He gets injured a lot too. This guy was a hell of a player 5-8 years ago, not so much anymore.

I don't think it is bad for either team. Camby, although not what I think many Rocket fans are expecting, IS an upgrade over Thabeet. Camby will also try harder when playoffs come.

Blazers gain by getting worse in the short term, but that could improve their draft positioning, and they also get a 2nd rounder (which has a chance of being more useful in this draft than most drafts).
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