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man thats a good addition, hawks will be pretty sweet like in a couple years, i hope they just get bigger at center, maybe lure in pryzbilla, or do some sort of sign and trade for ben wallace ( yeeee rite, but good idea ), although speedy isnt quite chris paul, i think marvin williams will be a great fit this year or next, plus dont forget, when spurs won that championship in 03, claxton was in most of the time for tony parker

starting 5: pachulia, sheld williams, josh smith, joe johnson, speedy claxton

bench: childress, marv williams, tyrone lue, salim stoudamire

and then theyll get a nice piece for al harrington who im very sure will go in a sign-and-trade, so expect another big center to be added, so overall, its a nice squad, and most likely they might move tyrone lue with salim there
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