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Default Re: Pistons tried to trade Ben Gordon or Charlie Villanueva

So basically Joe D. is trying to fix a couple huge mistakes he made..... Of course we don't need Landry here. Kaman would be a good addition. I think we could pick him up as a free agent (which is what the rumor is). Dumars should have never given that kind of money to unproven players anyhow. BG had one good season. He never deserved that kind of cash. We helped Chicago become one of the best teams in the East by bailing them out and signing him. If they would have signed him it would have killed their cap space. If Detroit never threw that kind of money at him they would have resigned him too. Charlie's contract wouldn't be terrible if he at least played as well as he did before coming here. Hopefully something can happen in the offseason with these two. We need to finally move on from all this. I said from the start I would have rather just grabbed a few rookies with upside to fill the roster out and have kept the cap space to hopefully make a future move.....
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