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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Its only two games so im in a wait and see mode. Im not as impressed with the extra effort, because it could just be emotion from the resignation.Im more impressed with the changes in fundamentals n principles.

That being said,theres still one thing that I dont like. No Scooter it isnt the 3s because we have been taking high percentage ones for the most part. For me,its the lobs. I know we r excited and alleys gets the crowd going but we try it too much. We need to start making the simple pass more. Every thing doesnt have to be a homerun. We need to find that balance. Both Baron n Lin get a lot of turnovers by trying to throw alleys or thread the needle. We need to know when to b flashy n wen to make the easy play. I dont mind it out of Lin becuz its his 2nd yr but Baron should kno better.
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