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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

IDK Franchize, the Lob attempts open the floor up, and keeps a team on their heels.

Miami does it alot, and they miscue quite a few.

As of right now, I have no issues of note, but one things I did like is that Woodson take each possession seriously.

I recalled the game before when JR was hot, and Shumpert started to take shots himself, wound up getting benched for it.

Then last night Shump recognized Baron was heating up, ran down the floor, could have heaved it, but saw Baron pulling up to the three point line and fed him.

Then of course was the convo with JR near the end of the game, when he called for hanging on the rim.

Woodson gave him an earful, but at the end said something like "Good Job".

Accountability is what he's preaching out there combined with defense first.
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