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Default Rodrigue Beaubois is showing those flashes again

ESPN Dallas reports:

Rodrigue Beaubois is showing those flashes again. Two big games against two awful opponents lead to tonight's big one against Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs.

Jason Terry said tonight's matchup could have lasting effects for the Mavericks' third-year guard, who is still trying to make consistent inroads as a rotation player.

"Itís huge for him. I talk about it all the time. When you play against veteran guys and you kind of look up to them, youíve got to make a stance," Terry said. "For him, this will be his third time playing against him [this season], and this is his time. This is going to be a defining moment in his career. Is Tony going to continue to beat him up or is he going to come out tonight and make a stand?"
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