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Default Mike Woodson throws in some offensive twists

ESPN NY reports:

When Mike Woodson was the head coach for the Hawks from 2007 to '10, the team didn't blow anyone away with its scoring exploits. They settled around the middle of the standings in points production.

But Woody's Knicks' squad has looked completely different. In fact, over the last two games, blowing out the Trail Blazers Wednesday night, 121-79, and the Pacers Friday night, 115-100, it's the Knicks' largest margin of victory since they beat the Magic and Heat by a combined 57 points on consecutive nights in December 2003.

That's because Woodson has still been mostly running Mike D'Antoni's high-octane offense. That equation is earlier shots in the shot clock equals more possessions and, therefore, more chances to score.

An overhaul in the offense wouldn't make sense this soon since D'Antoni's resignation, and following the Knicks' win over the Pacers, Steve Novak addressed that. He did point out that Woodson diagrammed some new sets, especially out of timeouts.
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