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Default Re: Mike D Antoni resigns as Head coach of the Knicks!

The absolute bias in the media against the NYK is astounding. One second everyone is calling for D'Antoni's head, the next they're calling Melo coach killer. This is bias.

I can appreciate what this article said 5 days ago -

That's where D'Antoni comes in. A good coach makes sure all the attributes the players have mesh together so the team can be successful. He doesn't allow one player's ego to overwhelm the gameplan. A good coach would not fear the return of his ego-driven superstar when the team is winning without him. Instead, he would look forward to that day so he could devise a way for all players to compete as a unit and the team could play even better.

That's what makes the Knicks' 5-game losing streak so difficult to accept. In their 106-94 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers at home March 11, the Knicks were beaten by a less-talented team that works hard and functions well together. D'Antoni said before the game that all coaches want a team like the Sixers that sacrifices for each other and does not have big-ego stars.

"I think that's the way to go," D'Antoni told the New York Daily News. "Every coach wants to play that way. They're doing a great job and Doug (Collins) does a great job. It should always be a team game. I think Denver made that case, a lot of people are making that case. Every coach aspires to everybody sharing the ball and stats don't matter."

That's nothing but first-class whining by a coach who is in over his head. Ask Phil Jackson if he didn't want Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Shaquille O'Neal. D'Antoni is not a good coach. He should be some team's assistant, not the head coach of the Knicks. He lacks the skill to get his players to function effectively and he needs to be replaced.

The sooner the better.
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