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Default Re: when you cross the ball over, how do u protect the ball?

If you're crossing from right to left, after you finished the dribble with your right hand bring it over to the left protecting the ball with your fore-arm, and keep your elbow down.

Make sure the crossover is wide enough so that your left hand gets the ball when it's almost fully extended.

Meanwhile you want to push your body such that it's in between your defender and the ball.

If he's trying to reach for the ball as you do this you're gonna use your right arm which has kind of been hanging there half-bent up to this point, and you put your forearm on his forearm, and you sweep his arm away by lowering your forearm and making a sweeping motion down and back out to the right (don't put it on his bicep/tricep area, because you might end up jamming his arm between yours and your body and you could hurt the guy.)

You don't want to make the sweeping motion too deep though, you still want your right shoulder to be pointing forward, as the next step is to place your right foot on the outside of his right foot, and to turn your back to him so that you will slip by him, and not end up colliding into his right shoulder with your right shoulder.
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