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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Wilson Chandler signs with Nuggets

Originally Posted by niko
Unless they are going into luxury territory they can't sign McGhee. Which is a huge win for the nuggets!
Yes they can; they will only have about $47 million committed for next season and that includes Gallos deal kicking in and Chandlers...

The issue will be that Ty Lawson will be due a big payday soon and re-signing McGee to a big deal could send them into the luxury tax when you include Lawsons money.

If McGee has half a brain (I know thats a serious stretch), he should accept something like a 5 year $45 - $50 million deal with Denver*. If they can pull that off, they may be able to give Lawson a big deal and not go into luxury tax - They may need to amnesty someone like Birdman to pull that off.

*That is assuming he impresses Denver over the next few months and they want to keep him around - again I know, thats a slight stretch.

I think it would be interesting from an ego/team chemistry perspective to see how Denver would do with all of their main players earning around $10 million a year. Normally its superstar/s making $15 million+ and then everyone else on a lot less...

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