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It looks like the Bulls are going for a lineup with a center, and interchangeable forwards and guards. The depth chart will probably look something like this:

Chandler-If he can just play like he did two years ago that may be enough.
Free-Agent Center-probably Przybilla

Forwards-We may see Nocioni and Deng as the starting forwards at the start.
Thomas-How much he can play will be the key to the season.
Khryapa-I think he is the backup 4. A Songalia that can defend.
Nocioni-the playoffs hopefully indicate another year of improvement.
Deng-He lost last summer because of the wrist. This summer he can improve his shooting range, his handle, his post play, and his strength

Gordon-Should further improve ball handling and decision making.
Sefolosha-Just has to defend, run the floor, and hit open jumpers.
Hinrich-A lighter defensive load should lead to offensive improvement.
Duhon-Will see a diminished role, but still an ideal backup point.

Malik Allen will play some if offense is needed at the 5.
Sweetney could take Khryapa's minutes if he loses 30-40 pounds.

I think that's going to be the twelve and all the major contributors.
Hinrich, Gordon, Deng, Nocioni, and Duhon all improved there FG% last season, hopefully they will improve again.
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