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Default Re: Percentage Chance that Odom Resigns with the Lakers Next Year for Vet's min?

Virtually zero. Well zero for vet's min thats just ridiculous for a player who was all-star calibre last year. But for back to the Lakers:
1) His acrimonious departure makes it seem difficult for both sides to forgive and forget (stranger things have happened, Kobe-Jackson, but still).
2) If he came back to LA (thinking especially for Vet-min) Stern might have legit cause to pull out "basketball reasons.
3) Dwight isn't going anywhere this summer so maybe Dallas keeps him (I haven't looked properly at Dallas' cap and what they'd have for Deron, so may this doesn't happen).
4) If he's desperate to play in Cali, or even specifically LA there are other options.
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