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Default Re: Has this ever happened to you?

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
We play to 21 winner stays in and you can only stay in two games in a row or if we have less than 3 teams we sub in at 11.
Always interesting to hear how things are done somewhere else besides my region. We play games to 11 by one's and two's. The winner stays unless, in very rare instances, it becomes very clear they are stacked and not planning on losing at any point soon.

We try to keep it as simple as humanly possible. Winners stay. No mid-game subs. Players who have sat the longest get first opportunity to play with new group. It's surprisingly diplomatic. If they've been there and have yet to play, they get first dibs. The rest of the players sitting out will shoot free throws for the remaining spots.

I don't think I've ever played pickup games to 21. With no stoppages and consistently sprinting up and down the court, even in the best shape of my life, I'm not sure I could make it to 21 without succumbing to jogging and slacking at some point. Are you referring to 21 by one's and two's? So it'd be like playing to 42-50 points in a regular game? I just don't think there'd be any way I'd come across 10 players who could all go full strength in a pickup game for that long of a time over the course of numerous contests.
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