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Default D-Will says healthy Nets would have competed for playoffs

Newark Star-Ledger:

Williams, who certainly appears to be headed to a playoffs-less spring for the second straight year, was in a calm, reflective mood as he talked about the Nets’ injury-riddled season, which has forced them to use 20 different starting lineups in their 47 games.
“I think we’re a playoff team if Brook (Lopez) was healthy, and if other guys stayed healthy as well,” Williams said. “We’ve had a number of injuries throughout the season. MarShon (Brooks) went down, A-Mo (Anthony Morrow) went down, Jordan (Farmar)’s been banged up all season, he’s been playing through a lot of pain from the last 2-3 weeks, we just haven’t had guys healthy...
“It’s just been a tough year for everybody, I think, to get any type of chemistry — especially in a shortened season, where there’s not a lot of practice, guys are coming in and out, (and) we’ve had a lot of D-League callups. It’s just hard to build chemistry.”
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