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Default Re: Has this ever happened to you?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I don't think I've ever played pickup games to 21. With no stoppages and consistently sprinting up and down the court, even in the best shape of my life, I'm not sure I could make it to 21 without succumbing to jogging and slacking at some point. Are you referring to 21 by one's and two's? So it'd be like playing to 42-50 points in a regular game? I just don't think there'd be any way I'd come across 10 players who could all go full strength in a pickup game for that long of a time over the course of numerous contests.

2's and 3's. We've tried 1's and 2's to 11 but then everyone just stands around the 3 point line and shoots 3's which messes up the flow of the game.
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