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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* ORLANDO MAGIC game discussion thread.

Originally Posted by melo4life
Dwight was a monster today, 31 points, 11 rebounds and shot really well. I think JJ Reddick should of played a little better with 20 minutes playing time, only 8 points and 1 rebound. Oh well still a good win today, hopefully you guys can make the playoffs and beat Detroit or Chicago in the first round. That would be awesome.
JJ Redick, played pretty nice. He's really our only consistent 3point force, and thats what i like so much about him. Brian Hill should seriously consider giving him more minutes, but a measly 10-15 minutes a game is going to completely do nothing to his game.

I'm about 99% sure we've got the playoff spot.

Sadly, Detroit is who we will verse first round. Which is probably a first round lose. But as i said earlier, if we can stretch the series to 6 games. I'll be very happy.
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